Academic Sessions 2013

Oral Presentations

OP1 Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in men and women who seek treatment for sexual problems in the clinic of the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka

Pathiratne PASR, Tissera S, Jayatilleke AC, Wimalarathne M, Guruge P, Palandage U

OP 02 Comparison of subscales of MoCA and MMSE cognitive assessment instruments 

Gunawardena HN, Mendis TSS, Hanwella R, de Silva VA

OP 03 Effectiveness of a training programme for BSc nursing students from University of Ruhuna

Mendis BJ, Abeywickrema CP,  Karunanayaka A

OP04: Prevalence of tardive dyskinesia among patients with schizophrenia on long term antipsychotic treatment

Mendis BJ, Rajapakse RPSS

OP05: Impact of drama, dance, yoga and music therapy workshops on symptom reduction in schizophreniaOP05: Impact of drama, dance, yoga and music therapy workshops on symptom reduction in schizophrenia

Isuru LLA, Dahanayake DMA,de Alwis A, Ranasinghe CK, Weerasinghe A

OP06 Intelligence and school performance

Perera H, Kapugama KGCL, Suraweera CU

OP07: The prevalence of depression in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Dalpatadu KPM, Kapugama KGCL, Kotalawala SW, Suraweera C, Wijesiri HGVW, de Silva VA

OP08: Delirium: a cause for concern

Suraweera C,Wijesiri HGVW,Kapugama KGCL,Kotalawala SW, Dalpatadu KPM,Hanwella R, de Silva VA

OP09: Help seeking behaviour among patients and their relatives presenting to Psychiatry Unit, Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya

Goonawardana KDDR, Kotalawala SW, Ruben R

OP10: The psychological effect of accidents on train drivers in Sri Lanka

Dissanayake DMRM, Hewarathne A, Williams SS

OP11: Prevalence of depression among patients with traumatic brain injury

Kotalawala SW, Fernando DLIU, Mendis BJ, Wadanambi S

OP12: Changes in hospitalization rates and cost of care of patients with schizophrenia receiving regular intramuscular fluphenazine decanoate

Walgama KH, Gambheera H, Jegaruban V, De Silva DKJ, Wickramasinghe WMNT

OP13: Elder abuse in a selected Medical Officer of Health area in the district of Colombo: Prevalence and correlates of physical, emotional, financial abuse and neglect

Samaraweera PC, Kathriarachchi S , Sivayogan S

OP14: An epidemiological study of clinic attendees at a specialized clinic for individuals with mental retardation

Ginige P, Dharmarathne S, Perera SR, Patabandige OPNS

OP15: Risk of relapse in schizophrenia: comparison of combined depot and oral antipsychotics versus oral antipsychotics alone

Mendis BJ, Wijayanayaka PAI,

OP16: What parents expect from a child mental health service – does it change with time?

Perera H, Jeewandara KC,Guruge C, Weerasinghe M

OP17: Reasons for medication non-compliance in patients with relapsing Bipolar Affective Disorder: a descriptive study

Ratnatunga SS, Rajapakse TN  

OP18: Risk of relapse in schizophrenia: comparison of clozapine versus other oral antipsychotics

Mendis BJ, Wijayanayaka PAI

OP19:Effectiveness of a parent implemented intervention programme for autism: a case control study

Perera H, Jeewandara KC, Guruge C, Seneviratne S

OP20: A descriptive study of patients at a tertiary care general psychiatry clinic

Perera SR, Abeyasinghe DRR


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